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About ADPH London

The Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) for London represents Directors of Public Health (DsPH) in London’s 32 local authorities and the City of London, supporting them to improve and protect the health of local populations.

Formed shortly before the transition of public health services from the NHS to local authorities in 2013, ADPH London is the regional network of the Association of Directors of Public Health UK network, and a key part of the wider health and care system in London.

We work closely with partners across Local Government and in the Health and Care sector. More about our partners. Members are supported by a small programme office, hosted by the London Borough of Haringey.

Through ADPH London, DsPH work together to address issues that can either only be successfully tackled on a pan-London basis, and/or that enhance the ability of boroughs to meet their responsibilities locally. e.g., through delivering efficiencies, sharing of best practice, reducing duplication, and improving coordination of related work.

ADPH London is jointly Chaired by Ruth Hutt, Director of Public Health for Lambeth and Jason Strelitz, Director of Public Health for Newham. They are supported by 2 Vice-Chairs, Will Maimaris, Director of Public Health for Haringey and Catherine Mbema, Director of Public Health for Lewisham.

How we work

ADPH London is member-led and operates through consensus, acting as a regional network for the UK-wide Association of Directors of Public Health.

Our membership includes: Local Authority Directors of Public Health (DsPH) from each of the 32 London Boroughs, the City of London, and the Head of Health for the Greater London Authority (GLA).

At ADPH London, we are committed to ensuring DsPH have a voice and are represented on shared Public Health agendas.

As an example of this, ADPH London responds to London region policy consultations that have the potential to impact on public health across all London boroughs. These are developed with input from across London boroughs and seek to reflect the collective views London DsPH. Recent consultation responses can be viewed here.

The workstream and network meetings are administered by the ADPH London office.

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