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DPH development

We are committed to supporting the professional development of our members.  We do this through using our strong network of specialists and national public health organisations who can share knowledge, problem-solve and build on the expertise of one another.

In addition to our regular flagship events, we have a new programme of workshops and webinars, developed in line with feedback from our members.

Some elements of our support offer can only be delivered by securing sponsorship. If you know any potential sponsors who might be interested in supporting our development programme, please contact us.


Get in touch to enrol in any of our development programmes, or if you have any suggestions for topics to cover.

Ethical collaboration and sponsorship

We actively seek opportunities to collaborate with external organisations and seek opportunities for income generation through sponsorship. 

To ensure that we maintain this independence, we have an ethical collaboration and sponsorship policy which has been devised to ensure clarity and openness to all our stakeholders. It is designed to address sponsorship and cause related marketing and we welcome comments, criticism and suggestions as to how these goals can be met. 

If you are interested – or know someone who might be interested – in sponsoring one of our events, please contact us.

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