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Public Health Spotlight

We are delighted to bring you our new video podcast series, Public Health Spotlight, made in partnership with Panoramic Associates. 

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Episode 1 – Justin Varney, DPH Birmingham

Welcome to the inaugural episode of Public Health Spotlight! Hosted by Panoramic Associates Lead Practice Director Maisie Hockings, this episode features an insightful conversation with Dr. Justin Varney, the Director of Public Health at Birmingham City Council. Dr. Varney shares his compelling journey from training in London to leading Birmingham’s public health efforts. He discusses the multifaceted nature of his role, which intertwines data analysis, community engagement, and the art of strategic partnerships.

Listeners will delve into the challenges and triumphs of managing public health in a vibrant and diverse city, the importance of personal resilience, and tips for aspiring public health professionals. Dr. Varney also shares his experiences during the Commonwealth Games and the Covid-19 pandemic, offering invaluable insights into the evolving landscape of public health.

Press play for an in-depth discussion on the ever-evolving field of public health, the strategic importance of local governance, and the future challenges that lie ahead. This episode is a compelling listen for anyone interested in the impactful work of public health and the dedication it requires.

This episode is also available on Spotify and Apple.


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The series, which will launch on 11th July 2024, and can be heard on Spotify and Apple, will see Directors of Public Health from across the UK and its dependant territories share their stories.

Watch the trailer, where our hosts Mia Collett and Maisie Hockings, from Panoramic Associates, give a flavour of what’s to come…

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