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Policy Advisory Groups

Our Policy Advisory Groups are made up of members with a particular subject interest, who advise on latest evidence and good practice to inform our policy lines.

The Policy Advisory Groups (PAGs) provide in-depth input to our national policy work, and are made up of members who have expressed an individual interest in any given policy area. The PAGs hold regular meetings to discuss policy issues, share updates and exchange thoughts on the most recent national policy work and are consulted regularly to ensure our information is up to date.

Our current PAGs are:

  • Addiction – Chair, Alice Wiseman, DPH Gateshead
  • Healthy Places – Chair, Matthew Ashton, DPH Liverpool and Rachel Wigglesworth, DPH Cornwall
  • Children and Young People – Chair, Sarah Muckle, DPH Bradford
  • Prevention Services – Chair, Greg Fell, DPH Sheffield
  • Health Protection – Chair, Amanda Healy, DPH Durham
  • Workforce and Funding – Chair, Alison Challenger, DPH West Sussex
  • Data, Intelligence and Research – Chairs, Derek Ward, DPH Lincolnshire and Sandra Husbands, DPH Hackney
  • NHS, ICS and Social Care – Chairs, Helen Atkinson, DPH Portsmouth and Tamara Djuretic, DPH Barnet

If you are a member, and are interested in joining any of our PAGs, please contact us.

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