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Public Health Tackling Racism and Inequality Network

Aim: To create a supportive space to share and learn practice relating to inequalities amongst Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities. The network encourages members to;

  • bring ideas and suggestions for discussion to influence behavioural and system change.
  • empower and build resilience.
  • advocate and campaign to raise awareness and influence policy.
  • feed into the wider thematic areas of the ADPH London; Tackling Racism and Inequality Programme.
Public Health Tackling Racism and Inequality Network

The network meets quarterly and is open to public health professionals from London local authorities & the City of London, particularly those leading on health inequalities and racism in public health. We also welcome leads from OHID London and GLA Health team. It is an opportunity to share knowledge, learn and hear about what is happening at both borough and at a pan-London level.

The network seeks to identify areas of meaningful influence and impact, and to assist in the development of the five actionable themes for the wider programme. This includes supporting the development of an EDI resource pack for the public health workforce and guided co-production principles to support public health teams. The network will also take a deep dive into ethnicity data and insights and look at the impact of factors such as the cost of living crisis and how this may further widening the inequalities gap for Black, Asian and minority ethnic communities.

We are keen to grow our membership to include representation from all boroughs. If you would like to become a member, or would like more information about the network, please contact

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