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Obesity Network

Aim: ADPHL aims to support boroughs and partners to implement a whole systems approach to reducing obesity, with a focus on childhood obesity, in London.

Obesity is a significant public health concern in London, affecting both adults and children. Several factors contribute to the high prevalence of obesity in London, including unhealthy diets, physical inactivity and socioeconomic disparities. The availability and affordability of healthy food options and opportunities for exercise vary significantly across the city, affecting the likelihood of obesity among different communities.

Overall, tackling obesity in London is an ongoing challenge that requires collective efforts from individuals, communities and policy makers.

Obesity Networks

ADPH London host the London Obesity Leads Network and the London Obesity Delivery Board jointly, with OHID London and implement pan-London actions.

London Obesity Leads Network (LOLN)

The network meets quarterly and is open to colleagues, who work on obesity at a local level. It is an opportunity to share knowledge, learn and hear about what is happening in boroughs as well as at pan London level. To get in touch with the ADPH London team regarding the London Obesity Leads Network, please contact

London Obesity Delivery Board

The London Obesity Delivery Board meets quarterly and is a closed group of system level colleagues from ADPH London, OHID London, NHSE, GLA  and ICS/B. This group discusses London Level strategies and interventions aimed at tackling obesity.


If you would like more information on either of these networks, please contact

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