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The London Tobacco Alliance

Nearly one million Londoners smoke, 11.5% of the capital’s population. Two in three people who smoke will die from smoking and smoking is the primary reason for the gap in life expectancy between those in the most deprived quintile and those in the least deprived quintile.

The London Tobacco Alliance has been created to combat the effects of this life-threatening addiction and achieve reduced smoking rates across London. Launched on the 26th October 2022, this collaborative first of a kind for London includes partners and stakeholders with an interest in making London smokefree.
The London Tobacco Alliance leads the regional approach to smoking cessation for London, facilitated by ADPH London.

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Stop Smoking London is the delivery arm of the London Tobacco Alliance.

Through its website, text message service and telephone helpline, this digital programme delivers participating boroughs continued economies of scale through collaborative commissioning of a mass public advertising campaigns alongside digital and remote (e.g. telephone, text, email) Stop Smoking London services as well as signposting smokers to available, local face-to-face tobacco dependence services.

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The London Tobacco Alliance produces regular updates for those interested in tobacco control and campaigns encouraging more stop smoking attempts in London.

To receive these updates by email please sign-up on the London Tobacco Alliance website.
You can also find the latest news from the London Tobacco Alliance on its website,
along with resources, campaign partner packs and insights reports.

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Stop Smoking London

Stop Smoking London is the public facing identity of the London Tobacco Alliance. Stop Smoking London has an ambition to use its profile to raise public awareness of the benefits of quitting and act as the entry point into accessible local and regional support.

Stop Smoking London Website

The Stop Smoking London website includes an improved directory of London borough Stop Smoking Services to ensure a timely and clear pathway into existing local stop smoking support available in London.

The website also includes access to information, tools, support for London smokers considering their quit journey and includes the option to request a call back from a specialist smoking health advisor. For participating boroughs with existing provision to handle these calls the call back is sent directly to the local stop smoking service for follow up. In cases where the provision is not available locally, the call back request and further support is handled by the specialist smoking cessation advisors on the Stop Smoking London helpline.

The Stop Smoking London website is available in English, Polish, Turkish, Romanian and Urdu.

Stop Smoking London helpline: 03001231044

The bespoke London extension to the NHS Smoke Free helpline offers a proactive behavioural telephone support package for London callers including pregnant smokers. The helpline is available seven days a week and at the following times:

  • Monday to Fridays – 9am to 8pm
  • Saturday and Sunday – 11am – 4pm

Stop Smoking London text message service

Receiving texts may help to keep smokers on track as they quit. Stop Smoking London has a tailored package of text messages to provide the information, support, motivation, and reminders that can help Londoners to successfully stop smoking for good. Smokers in London can sign-up for these motivational messages on the Stop Smoking London website.

Stop Smoking London local partnerships and pilots

The Programme works with local areas to develop exciting new collaboration to trial and evaluate different models of engagement at local level to meet the needs of identified local smoker populations. This approach is also used to enhance Programme learning and inform future developments to Stop Smoking London advertising campaigns and service delivery.

Stop Smoking London e-mail:


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