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November 23, 2023
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LHI & CDN: Environmental Inequality – Tackling Climate Inequalities affecting the Health & Wellbeing of London’s Black & Brown Men

| | November 23, 2023


23 November 2023    
14:00 - 18:00

Event Type

  • Climate & Health
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Health Inequalities
  • In-person

About this in-person event

This will be an interactive event, exploring environmental issues that impact on the health of minoritized groups in London with a focus on black and brown men.

The day will include legislative theatre facilitated by the The Black Men’s Consortium, to highlight specific issues, discussions around the topic, hearing what organisations have to say, and the opportunity to connect with colleagues from across sectors and share insights and best practice.

Collaboratively, we will delve into ideas to address problems and explore the conditions required to create community involvement in methods of co-design and co-production, to inform the way strategic decision making and policy is made; generating proposals that can be taken forward.

Please RSVP by signing up on Eventbrite. If you are unable to attend, we would be grateful if you could extend this invitation to a representative from your organisation.

If you have any specific access, dietary or other requirements please specify during registration or get in touch with us at

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