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October 31, 2023
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NHS England London Region – Breast Screening Procurement – DsPH Representation in Procurement Process (AHRG)

| | October 31, 2023


31 October 2023    
09:00 - 17:00

Event Type

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • In-person

About this in-person event

The NHSE England London Public Health Screening (NHSE) team are preparing for 2023/24 re-procurement of London Breast Screening Clinical Services.  In addition, a single Administrative Hub for London, with the aim of improving quality, accessibility, and outcomes of existing patient services.

This re-procurement is required because the existing contracts are due to expire. NHSE must undertake the procurement process, to meet its obligations under the current national procurement legislation. This will ensure future contracts for the delivery of Breast Screening Services are awarded to providers who are the best value.  This being based on the agreed quality, cost and social value criteria.

As part of this process, and to ensure appropriate governance, the NHSE London region request Directors of Public Health (DsPH) involvement in this process.  Importantly, DsPH who are available in October/November 2023, to attend key stakeholder engagement events.  In addition, be part of the evaluation panel:

  • London Administrative Hub Reference Group (AHRG) – DsPH representation needed and where possible, a chosen lead representative on behalf of all London DsPH.

Please email and, with the level of involvement you wish to have in this process.

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