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June 13, 2023
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FPH Communications for Climate and Health: External Messaging

| | June 13, 2023


13 June 2023    
13:00 - 14:30

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  • Climate & Health
  • Virtual

Communicating about the climate crisis as a public health crisis is a challenge that many of us struggle with, and a lack of confidence in this area can prevent us from being the effective professionals and advocates we aspire to be. In this meeting from the FPH sustainable development special interest group (SIG), we will be hearing from a range of speakers who will give us an overview of the basics of climate change communication for public health, with a more external audience (the public, media and politicians) in mind. Our speakers include:

Each speaker will present sharing their expertise and experiences on this topic, a question and answer session, finishing with time in small groups for reflective peer learning and discussion of how this might be implemented in our professional lives. All FPH members are welcome.

This event is part of the implementation of the Faculty’s Climate & Health Strategy advocacy workstream, aiming to help public health professionals build the skills they need to act on climate change and health as part of their work. We will be analysing recurring themes from the peer learning seminars to inform potential future advocacy skills programmes. By taking part you are therefore also consenting to being a part of this informal evaluation.

Also watch out for our upcoming second communications session focussed on internal messaging in early September, and smaller group sessions for FPH members to collaborate and work through specific work challenges over a set period of time.

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