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April 17, 2024
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ADPH London – Diversifying the Workforce

| | April 17, 2024


17 April 2024    
17:30 - 19:00

Event Type

  • Public Health Tackling Racism and Inequality
  • Virtual
  • Workforce

Overview of the session:

• Looking in greater depth at what causes imbalance in the workforce and senior leadership positions.

• Reflecting on issues of social capital, recruitment and selection and reasons for disproportionately in outcomes across and beyond the 9 protected characteristics using the lens of intersectionality, covering and workplace culture in more depth.

• Participants will reflect on the actions they can take as advocate allies and commit to actions that will challenge and change the status quo.

• How they can invest in diversity with their time and approach and consider their role in ensuring a pipeline for up-and-coming diverse senior leaders and how they will ensure that the space is safe for them to thrive and survive. More depth on creating psychological safety beyond the ‘hygiene’ approach.

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