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ADPH London Climate and Health Network



  • Develop professional capacity of network members through sharing of knowledge and best practice whilst providing a space to seek advice and guidance 
  • Foster relationships between professionals and organisations operating in the climate and health space in London
  • Support a coordinated approach to identify and contribute to the development of ‘once for London’ opportunities to enhance the impact and positioning of public health. 


Climate Change and Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) views climate change as the biggest threat facing humanity. The health of the planet and human health are inextricably linked. A warming climate affects health in 3 main ways:

  1. Extreme weather events such as heatwaves, flooding, wildfire, storms and drought.
  2. Effects on the planet’s life-support systems such as safe water availability, changing patterns of zoonotic and vector-borne disease (for example malaria, dengue fever), reduced pollination and crop failure leading to food shortages.
  3. Effects mediated by social systems, such as livelihood loss, rising prices of food and fuel, additional pressure on health and care services, conflict or forced migration.
Climate Change and Health Inequalities

Those most likely to suffer the worst consequences of climate change have contributed the least to it. Deprived communities contribute proportionately less to housing and transport emissions than the rest of the population as they use less energy and travel less and by more sustainable modes such as public transport and walking.  However, they are more likely to live in in poor quality housing which is less able to cope with increasingly frequent extreme weather events. Furthermore, they are disproportionately likely to be impacted by rising costs of healthy food.

Priority areas for action
  • Encouraging a shift to more sustainable transport (walking, cycling and public transport)
  • Providing well insulated and good quality housing
  • Encouraging a healthy diet rich in unprocessed, plant-based and locally sourced foods
  • Providing green spaces and green infrastructure
  • Creating a more sustainable healthcare system

For more detailed explanations and opportunities please see OHID’s Climate and Health guidance and the ADPH London resources listed below.

ADPH London Climate and Health Network

ADPH London hosts The Climate and Health Network. This aims to bring together colleagues working on climate and health in London and allow them to share good practice and knowledge whilst encouraging collaboration across London.


The network is open to:

  • Directors of Public Health (DPH)
  • Consultants in Public Health (CPH)
  • Officer/ Strategist (or equivalent) level public health professionals.
ADPH London Leads
  • Claire Greszczuk, (Newham Deputy DPH), is the Climate Health ADPH London Lead.
  • Glenn Stewart (Enfield Assistant DPH) is the Air Quality ADPH London Lead.

To get in touch with the ADPH London team regarding the Network, please contact


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