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7 May 2024
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Sadiq Khan pledges to help make London the ‘best city in the world’

Sadiq Khan has emerged victorious in the 2024 mayoral elections, securing a record third term in office. His campaign centered around a “safer, fairer, and greener” capital, with a particular emphasis on health policies.

He said he would help improve the lives of young Londoners, from birth to buying a house and getting a job.

He also said he would make the Thames safe to swim in, increase the number of police officers and have a zero-emission bus fleet by 2030.

Let’s delve into some key aspects of his victory and health-related promises:

Safety-First Strategy:

Khan’s safety-first approach resonated with voters. His promise of a safer London helped him secure more than a million votes, despite concerns about rising knife crime offenses in the capital1.

Notably, he successfully navigated controversy surrounding the expanded Ultra Low Emission Zone (Ulez), which charges motorists of polluting vehicles across all London boroughs.

Healthcare Commitments:

Khan pledged to continue free school lunches for older primary school children for an additional four years, a move that will cost over £500 million.

He also promised to build 40,000 new council homes by the end of the decade, addressing housing and health disparities.

Mental health support for young Londoners and meals for low-income families during school holidays were among his other family-focused policies.

Environmental Impact:

Environmental groups celebrated Khan’s win as a victory for clean air. However, some critics argue that his limited pledges may hamper his ability to pursue more ambitious environmental policies.

Khan previously discussed a road-user charging system that considers distance, time, and emissions of journeys, hinting at further environmental initiatives.

As he begins his third term, Londoners will closely watch how he balances safety, health, and environmental concerns in the city.

Sadiq Khan’s re-election victory highlights his commitment to health policies and safety. His focus on free school lunches, mental health support, and housing initiatives demonstrates his dedication to improving the lives of Londoners. As he embarks on his third term, the city awaits further progress on these crucial fronts.

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