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17 January 2024
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The London Climate Resilience Review publishes interim report

Following the flash floods in 2021 and the 40 degree heatwave in 2022, the Mayor of London commissioned an independent review to take stock and make recommendations to guide London’s preparations for more extreme weather.

The London Climate Resilience Review has now published an interim report.

The Review gathered evidence from individuals, communities and organisations including the NHS, Transport for London, London Fire Brigade, the Metropolitan Police, Borough Councils, the GLA, UK Government, NGOs, the financial services sector, sports and cultural institutions.

The report sets out 20 recommendations which call for strategic, delivery, capacity building or investment actions. The Review has indicated high-level timeframes for recommendations.

Recommendations are directed to stakeholders across London, including the Mayor of London, UK government, local authorities and the community and voluntary sector.

The Review’s full report will be published later in 2024 and will include the Review’s full findings and complete set of recommendations.

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