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27 June 2023
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Meal deals: Unhealthy options will be restricted in Wales

BBC News, 27 June 2023

Meal deals with a high fat, sugar or salt content will be restricted in Wales under plans to tackle obesity and diabetes. Temporary price drops and multi-buy offers on the unhealthiest foods will also be banned in the proposals put forward by the Welsh government. But retailers have raised concerns about the timing of the announcement as food prices remain high. The legislation will be introduced next year and rolled out by 2025.

A number of retailers offer lunch deals which combine a sandwich, drink and a snack for a set price. Restrictions will be placed on certain combinations that have a high fat, sugar or salt content above the recommended daily amount. The new law will also prevent retailers from temporarily lowering prices and offering promotions such as two-for-one on the unhealthiest foods. The new rules will also try to curb junk food impulse buys by asking retailers not to promote certain items at the end of aisles or next to checkouts.

The legislation will apply to all businesses which employ more than 50 people.

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