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20 June 2023
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Government delays ban on multibuy HFSS food deals – again

Rules banning multibuy deals on foods and drinks high in fat, salt, or sugar – including buy one get one free deals – will be delayed for another two years until October 2025, the government has confirmed.

The policy had already been subject to a delay until October 2023. This will now be extended to allow the government to continue to review the impact of the restrictions on the consumers and businesses in light of the unprecedented global economic situation.

Economies across the world have been affected by higher-than-expected global energy and goods prices, leading to increased costs across supply chains.

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Our ADPH National Colleagues have expressed serious concern over the Prime Minister’s decision to delay legislation to ban multi-buy offers on junk food saying that contrary to the PM’s claims, the ban would give people greater freedom and choice.

This weekend’s announcement is yet another nail in the coffin for freedom of choice and bows to industry influence. Headline grabbing it may be, but it is not helping our society become healthier. It will have minimal impact on people’s purses and worst of all, will contribute to the continuing rise of people suffering from entirely preventable illness. – Professor Jim McManus, President ADPH

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