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Infants, children and young people

Developing stronger partnerships across the children’s sector

This project, funded by The Health Foundation, aims to develop stronger partnerships across the children’s sector and will build on our ACEs work. We will share learning from different approaches across the UK to improve public health practice and reduce health inequalities for children and young people.


  • To build sustainable partnerships across the children’s sector, work towards exploring and understanding the different approaches to adversity, trauma, and resilience across the four nations, explore areas of good practice and identify opportunities for sharing learning.
  • To produce outputs to support local public health teams and wider partners to improve outcomes for infants, children and young people (ICYP) by:
    • Understanding the work that has been done on adversity, trauma, and resilience.
    • Providing practical guidance and best practice examples/what good looks like resources.

What we have done so far

Next steps

  • We have started scoping a four nation workshop on this topic.
  • We are developing a project plan for year two.
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