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System Leadership Skills and Practice Workshop: Public Narrative for Mobilising Action on Public Health

Delegate packs | February 11, 2019

Friday 06 December

London Bridge Hive – 1 Melior Place, London SE1 3SZ

This one-day participative workshop on System Leadership was prepared and facilitated by Di Neale, Leadership Centre Enabler. The session built on the learning of previous Systems Leadership workshops held in May 2018 but could also stand alone as a key leadership skill session for working effectively in complex systems.

Drawing on the art and science of Public Narrative, this workshop aimed to help Directors of Public Health develop the skills needed to build compelling leadership narratives. Through a series of interactive sessions, delegates focused on crafting stories that can motivate and mobilise others to join them in urgent action in order to further enable their work.

View the outline of this workshop.

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