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Public Health Risk Awareness Self-Assessment Tool

Improving Public Health Practice | February 23, 2023

Together with the Local Government Association (LGA), and in consultation with Solace, we have developed and co-published a Public Health Strengths and Risks Self-Assessment Tool to support system leaders in local authorities in defining and ensuring good public health at place.

The tool was initially developed in collaboration with East Midlands ADPH and LGA and based on the ADPH London DPH Peer to Peer reflective process/self-assessment. It has since been updated and an online version has been created.

The purpose of the tool is to provide an opportunity for structured reflection on:

  • Strengths and assets
  • Challenges and opportunities

The tool has been designed to identify mitigating actions to address issues/potential areas of risk in relation to public health.

For access to the tool please contact so a unique link can be generated. One link will be generated for each council and the DPH controls who has access to that link. If you would like to see a download of the tool before completing the self-assessment, that can be requested.

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