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May 20, 2024
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ADPH Annual Review published

We have gone from strength to strength and continue to be a powerful force for good. This strength doesn’t just come from the Board, Council and staff – all of whom do an incredible job – but from all our members. Thanks to contributions from members from all four countries and the dependant territories, and strong partnerships with a wide range of organisations, we have advocated strongly for long-term solutions to create healthy environments for all. This call is key to all our work and is one which, if adopted, will help to reduce preventable ill-health, and benefit the economy by reducing demand on our health and social care services, and improving productivity. It is vital then that as we move forward, we continue to listen to and learn from ADPH’s membership so that we constantly improve our practice to benefit local communities and, at the same time, effectively represent the voice of local public health at a national level to bring about positive change for the whole country. While we don’t know what opportunities and challenges the next Government will bring, we do know that despite our small size, we are a trusted and respected voice and, thanks to our collective dedication, will be on hand to be as constructive as possible, and as challenging as necessary in order to improve, protect and promote our population’s health.

Greg Fell
ADPH President
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