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April 11, 2023
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Tobacco control measures “fall far short of what is needed”

We are in serious danger of missing the 2030 target.

Alice Wiseman
ADPH Board Member and Policy Lead for Addiction

Responding to Neil O’Brien’s speech on achieving Smokefree 2030, Alice Wiseman, ADPH Board Member and Policy Lead for Addiction, said:

“While we welcome this renewed commitment from the Government on tobacco control, the measures outlined today fall short of what is needed to achieve the ambition of Smokefree 2030.

“Although entirely preventable, smoking is a major killer and the leading cause of early death. We are therefore very pleased to see that well-established, successful local schemes that encourage the use of vaping to help adults quit will be rolled out nationally in a ‘swap to stop’ campaign.

“We also welcome the commitment to support pregnant women to quit and the Government’s pledge to crackdown on the illegal sale of vapes to children and young people.

“However, in order to ensure success, it is vital that Trading Standards are resourced and funded properly and that current loopholes in legislation are firmly closed so that, for example, free samples, can no longer be given out.

“Nine months ago, the Khan Review set out a clear pathway for the Government to follow which had widespread support from the public health community. While some measures are now being implemented, too many – such as the recommended raise to the age of sale – have been overlooked and with less than seven years to go, we are in serious danger of missing the 2030 target.

“The inevitable conclusion will sadly be that we create another generation of smokers, who will suffer from preventable ill-health that impacts not only on their quality – and length – of life but also on their ability to work. This will cost the economy, place increased demand on public finances, and further impact already stretched NHS and social care services.

“Today, we have published our updated position statement on Tobacco which outlines a number of national and local recommendations that are supported by Directors of Public Health across all four nations and which, if implemented, will support the ambition of achieving a smoke free society throughout the UK.”

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