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Ordinary membership

People holding a post as a Director of Public Health or Public Health Director appointed by Health Authorities, Health Boards, Local Authorities, Public Health Agencies or equivalent within the British Isles (the United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland and Crown Dependencies) and British Overseas Territories automatically become an Ordinary Member of the Association on taking up their position. There are two categories of Ordinary Member:  

  • Full membership, which is extended to DsPH whose organisation has subscribed, comes with full voting rights and members can stand for national elected positions.
  • Affiliate membership, which is extended to DsPH whose organisation has not subscribed to the Association, comes with full voting rights. Affiliate Members may benefit from other rights and privileges as agreed by the Board but may not stand for, or hold, national elected positions.

All Ordinary Members are encouraged to get involved in our policy work, have access to a wide range of support programmes, our annual conference and policy workshops and receive our weekly newsletter. They must comply with our Governance Framework. 

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