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Four Nations Study – A comparative systems review and thematic policy analysis of public health across the four constituent countries of the UK

Improving Public Health Practice · Public health workforce | July 2, 2018

This research project has been completed on behalf of the ADPH by the School of Health and Related Research at the University of Sheffield, with support from the Health Foundation.

By developing an evidence-based public health systems framework, the report explores the similarities and differences between the public health systems in England, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Wales since national devolution to identify areas for shared learning. The framework was refined through systematic reviews of the public health systems overall and of an example area  ‘child development in the early years’.

We would like to hear your views on the report – Get in touch with Dr Amy Barnes at and tell us how these findings could be taken forward to inform policy and practice and how debate in and between nations can be promoted to create more opportunities to learn from each other?

Four Nations Study Report

Four Nations Study – Visual Summary [print]

Four Nations Study – Visual Summary [online]

Infographics – Early Years Policy in the UK from the Child’s Perspective

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