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ADPH Virtual Annual Conference 2021

Delegate packs | October 6, 2021

The ADPH Virtual Annual Conference 2021 took place on 11 November from 10:00 to 12:30. The theme was “Public Health working together”.

The Chief Medical Officers from the four nations opened the session offering a national perspective on collaboration in public health, followed by a panel of DsPH who shared their reflections on the regional and local context. Participants expressed their appreciation for the event, which they found very inspiring and insightful. Read the agenda here. Copies of the presentations are available on request by emailing

Speakers included, the Chief Medical Officers from the four nations:

  • Prof Chris Whitty, CMO for England
  • Dr Gregor Smith, CMO for Scotland
  • Dr Frank Atherton, CMO for Wales
  • Sir Michael McBride, CMO for Northern Ireland

Panel of DsPH:

  • Alice Wiseman, DPH Gateshead Metropolitan Borough Council
  • Anna Hartley, DPH Wakefield Metropolitan District Council
  • Ivan Browne, DPH Leicester City Council
  • Helen Atkinson, DPH Portsmouth City Council
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