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ADPH Annual Report Celebration 2023

Annual report celebration | May 31, 2023

This year we received 49 submissions from all over the UK. Topics covered include health inequalities, the cost of living, ageing, the influence of the pandemic and more.

At our 2023 AGM, our Chief Executive, Nicola Close, highlighted a selection of reports, thanking all DsPH for their continued commitment to sharing their reports. Not only are they an excellent source of information for each area, together they showcase the wide remit of the DPH role.

Coverage of a single topic

Oxfordshire – Obesity
Walsall – Food
Gateshead – Women and Health Inequality
Barnsley – Cost of Living

Coverage of an unusual topic

Cardiff and Vale – Value-based Approach
Cornwall – Asset-based Approach
Gloucestershire – Social Connections
Birmingham – Digital Technology
Doncaster – Grant spend and PH Services
Suffolk – Core20 + 5

The top four good examples

North Yorkshire

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