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May 21, 2024
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Testing the waters: New report

Responding to a new report by the National Engineering Policy Centre on reducing health risks from water pollution, Greg Fell, ADPH President, said:

“We have long since understood the importance of effective sewerage systems in controlling the spread of preventable, infectious diseases. It is now over 150 years since the first sewerage system was completed in Liverpool – a system which helped to more than double life expectancy in the city. However, although the rest of the country introduced similar systems soon after, relatively little modernisation has been done to the infrastructure since.

“This comprehensive report sets out a clear roadmap for cleaning up our waters – something that is long overdue. Not only will it control the spread of waterborne disease, but having clean water will also contribute to the provision of safer, outdoor spaces for leisure activities, an important factor in developing good physical and mental health.”

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