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March 13, 2024
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Words can hurt

A new guide for public health professionals on talking about gambling harms has been developed by the Greater Manchester Combined Authority, in collaboration with ADPH Yorkshire and the Humber and ADPH North East.

Words can hurt’ was developed as part of the region’s work to prevent and reduce gambling harms, working independently from the gambling industry. The guide was created to combat the ‘individual responsibility’ narrative that is often used by the gambling industry, which is stigmatising for those who may be seeking help and advice for gambling harms.

It can be used as a tool to double check language choices on publications, reports, websites and strategies (as examples) to ensure language is not stigmatising and frames harm from a population health approach. The guide may also be useful for those having conversations with individuals experiencing gambling harms, ensuring they are conducted using respectful and sensitive language.

This guide is intended for public health and communication colleagues.

Words can hurt: A language guide for gambling harms
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