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October 26, 2023
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ADPH celebrates IHA’s 3rd Anniversary

Today marks three years since the Inequalities in Health Alliance (IHA) was formed.

The IHA, convened by the Royal College of Physicians, has published a revised ‘RCP View’ policy paper on the case for a cross-government strategy to reduce health inequalities, in recognition of the anniversary.

In it, the IHA is calling for:

  • a cross-government strategy to reduce health inequalities
  • the government to maintain a commitment to publishing the full report of the Major Conditions Strategy in 2024
  • political parties to prioritise tackling health inequalities and to commit to a cross-government strategy for tackling health inequalities at the next general election

As a member of the IHA, ADPH echoes these calls and supports action to tackle the widening health inequalities in the UK.

Read more about our recommendations on improving public health and reducing health inequalities in our Manifesto for a Healtheir Nation.

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