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September 27, 2023
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ADPH joins call to build a mentally healthier nation

Together we are calling on political parties to build a mentally healthier nation

We have joined over 30 organisations, led by the Centre for Mental Health to call on all political parties to make mental health a priority in their manifestos ahead of the General Election.

The cost-of-living crisis is just the latest in a series of events that have worsened the circumstances of many people’s lives and placed public services under severe strain.

This combination of deteriorating living conditions and weakened support has led to rapidly worsening mental health. 

The increase in mental ill health is resulting in tens of thousands of premature deaths, millions of people suffering, and tens of billions of pounds of economic cost every year.

But there is hope: properly funded and managed programmes like Improving Access to Psychological Therapies through the NHS, and the Better Mental Health Fund, where councils were supported to prevent ill health, prove that positive change is possible.

Now many of England’s leading mental health organisations have come together to suggest more ways in which the next government could make further improvements and save lives.

A Mentally Healthier Nation suggests focusing on prevention, equality, and support.

Prevention: By improving economic and environmental circumstances, especially for the poorest people, we can reduce mental and physical illnesses. Investing in more powerful public health infrastructure is also key to preventing illness and promoting better health.

Equality: The burden of mental ill health does not fall equally, with poorer, racialised and other marginalised communities being disproportionately affected, and people with severe mental illness living 20 years less than average. The next government can reduce inequalities by taking meaningful measures to tackle discrimination and promote fairness.

Support: With the right support from properly resourced services, people are more likely to enjoy better mental health outcomes. Support needs to be boosted with a long-term investment in mental health services, significantly reduced waiting times and more local services.

The nation’s mental health is a precious resource. Securing better mental health for more people will create a fairer and healthier future for us all. We’re calling on MPs and parliamentary candidates to adopt these policies, include them in their parties’ election manifestoes, and deliver them in Government.

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