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August 14, 2023
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ADPH responds to Major Conditions Strategy announcement

Preventative action remains better than cure for people’s health, the NHS and the economy.

Prof. Jim McManus, ADPH President

ADPH welcomes today’s interim report from the Government on the Major conditions strategy: case for change and strategic framework. The report has rightly recognised the importance of primary and secondary prevention, and the role it has to play in reducing comorbidities and the years people spend in ill health.

Prof. Jim McManus, ADPH President, said:

“Preventative action remains better than cure for people’s health, the NHS and the economy. It is therefore positive that the framework clearly acknowledges that the wider determinants of health are more important than healthcare in determining health outcomes, and that primary and secondary prevention are critical. Achieving this requires creating a health in all policies approach across Whitehall, which ADPH has called for in our Manifesto for a Healthier Nation.

Whilst public health and the work of local authorities is mentioned throughout the report, Directors of Public Health (DsPH), who are responsible for the health of their population and provide leadership for its improvement and protection, have disappointingly not been acknowledged. DsPH have a wealth of experience and present an opportunity to build on their existing collaborative partnerships across sectors, enabling a preventative, joined-up approach.

ADPH is committed to providing the local public health perspective as the Major Conditions Strategy evolves with the shared aim of ensuring people live longer, healthier lives and reducing health inequalities.”

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