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July 19, 2023
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New cross-party report echoes ADPH manifesto calls

Today, a new cross party report has been published, highlighting the current national health crisis, the state of national finances and what this means for people’s lives.

The report – A Covenant for Health – was led by Geoffrey, Lord Filkin CBE with Professor Kate Ardern; James, Lord Bethell; David Buck, The King’s Fund; Dr Paul Corrigan CBE, former Health Adviser, No 10; Professor Sian Griffiths CBE; and Professor David Halpern CBE, Behavioural Insights Team, with project support from The King’s Fund.

The Commission calls for an ‘Emergency Programme for Better Health’ and argue that it is imperative to reduce the spiralling personal, economic, and social costs of the nation’s ‘sickness explosion’.

Welcoming the report, ADPH President Prof Jim McManus, said:

“Directors of Public Health have long since advocated for the importance of investing time and money in preventing illness. Only by promoting good health throughout society will we be able to create an environment where everyone has the freedom to live healthier, longer lives.

“This relies on putting health at the heart of all decision making and, as we have set out in our Manifesto for a Healthier Nation, there needs to be a commitment from all political parties across the UK to set out long-term plans to improve public health and reduce health inequalities. Today’s report echoes this vision. We very much welcome its focus on prevention and are ready to share our expertise to make the ambition of a healthier society for all a reality.”

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