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November 28, 2022
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ADPH response to new Government investment

Following today’s announcement that the Government have given over £113 million to fund research into cancer, obesity, mental health and addiction, Jim McManus, President of the Association of Directors of Public Health, said:

“We very much welcome and support today’s announcement of the investment in research to develop innovative approaches to tackling cancer, mental health, addiction and obesity.

“These issues account for a huge proportion of ill health in our society and advances in early treatment and diagnoses, including the use of digital tools, new medicines and technologies will of course help manage them.

“However, only by creating a society where good health and wellbeing are the norm will we really be able to improve people’s health and reduce health inequalities and so we are recommending that a significant proportion of the £113.2 million is specifically ring-fenced for the development of preventative programmes and initiatives.

“We know that successful intervention – before people reach the stage of needing treatment – is key to tackling the, largely preventable, root causes of these four significant areas of challenge and there are countless examples of this happening at a local level throughout the UK.

“With such a commitment for national funding, true partnership working between the NHS, public health and social care systems, along with a commitment to introduce bolder policies that place health at the very heart of all departments, we will be able to help people live longer, healthier lives.”

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