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September 22, 2022
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ADPH launch awards to mark 175 milestone

The Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) are to hold a special awards ceremony marking the 175th anniversary of the appointment of the first ever public health official. 

The ceremony, to be held in November, will recognise the extraordinary commitment and contribution Directors of Public Health have made over the last few years as they continue the work started by their predecessors 175 years ago.

In 1847, Liverpool became the first city in the world to appoint a Medical Officer of Health – now known as a Director of Public Health (DPH) when it appointed Dr William Henry Duncan. Duncan, a GP and hospital doctor, worked with like-minded colleagues to tackle health inequalities and infectious disease, which he realised could be alleviated through changes in policy and improved conditions.

The categories for our inaugural awards, which have been chosen to highlight the parallel role modern day DsPH and their teams play in addressing the social determinants of health, are:

Jim McManus, ADPH President and DPH of Hertfordshire, said:

“These awards give us a fantastic opportunity to recognise our members’ work, share it with a wider audience and emphasise the breadth of what public health leaders do. We are delighted to add it to the public health calendar.

“Our members lead incredibly dedicated teams who work in partnership with a huge range of organisations to improve the health of their communities – something that the public health profession has been doing now for 175 years. 

“These awards will showcase the very best examples of how a collaborative and evidence based approach can ensure that we put in place robust policies and programmes that mean people are able to live longer, healthier lives.”


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