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June 9, 2022
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DsPH ready to play a pivotal role in ‘Making Smoking Obsolete’

ADPH responds to today’s publication of Javed Khan OBE’s independent tobacco review, ‘Making Smoking Obsolete’ 

The Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) has welcomed today’s report by Javed Khan OBE, which sets out clear and bold recommendations to dramatically reduce the prevalence of smoking in time to meet the 2030 Smokefree target.  

The report rightly takes a holistic approach, recognising that there is no single bullet to making smoking obsolete.  What is now needed is a concerted effort at a national and local level to implement the whole package of recommendations effectively which will require partnership working between Central Government, the NHS, local councils, police, industry, communities, schools, retailers and the media in order to achieve its ambitious aims. 

Directors of Public Health, who work hard to develop and maintain these partnerships, are a critical piece of this jigsaw – a jigsaw that needs to be completed not only to make it as easy as possible for people to quit, but also to stop people from ever starting.  

Another important piece of the jigsaw is adequate funding for both tobacco control measures and stop smoking services and so ADPH also welcomes the report’s recommendations for significant and immediate investment. 

This comprehensive review, which will help inform the forthcoming white paper on health disparities, provides the Government with a real opportunity to support ADPH members – and the wider public health community – to work together with all the necessary partners to help save over 60,000 lives each year. 

ADPH President, Jim McManus, said:  

“Consistent and collaborative implementation of tobacco control measures has already made a huge impact on decreasing the prevalence of smoking. However, there is still much more to do, particularly around tackling inequalities in smoking rates across society. 

“Implementation of the recommendations in today's report represents a generational opportunity to not only reach, but to go beyond the target for a Smokefree 2030 and Directors of Public Health are ready to work closely with Government and play a pivotal role in making smoking obsolete.”

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