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February 7, 2022
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Statement: Responding to the publication of the Public Health Grant allocations

Prof. Jim McManus, President, Association of Directors of Public Health, said:

“Given the ongoing pandemic pressures, service backlogs and increasing need, these allocations are effectively a cut to public health funding. There is an increasing dissonance between the government’s warm words on levelling up health and the investment it is willing to make. This tiny increase won't hold back the tide of rising inflation, rising service pressures and ambitious policy plans.

“The commitment of Directors of Public Health to create healthier places and reduce health inequalities is resolute, but it would seem, despite the deep inequalities exacerbated by the pandemic, the government’s has waned. 

“Additional funding for weight management and substance misuse services is positive and will make a difference. However, it is hard not to conclude that this is a missed opportunity to set an ambitious new course for public health funding which has been cut, cut and cut again over the last decade.”

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