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October 21, 2021
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Joint Statement: Call for long term funding certainty for councils in Spending Review

Joint statement issued by the Local Government Association, Association of Directors of Education, Economy, Planning and Transport, Association of Directors of Public Health, Association of Directors of Children’s Services and Association of Directors of Adult Social Services:

The sense of collective spirit throughout Covid-19 has been extraordinary. As we learn to live with Covid-19 and turn our attention to recovery, the importance of the communities and places in which we live has never been clearer.

But the pandemic has also exposed and heightened the disparities in our society. These need to be urgently addressed as part of our recovery. We want to work with government to develop and deliver a holistic approach addressing long term inequalities, embedding prevention, tackling climate change, regenerating the economy and ultimately creating more resilient, safer and healthier places.

The pandemic has reinforced our shared conviction that local councils, working with their communities, partners and businesses, are best placed to lead, manage and shape their places, delivering sustainable change. Social care for children and adults, schools and other educational settings, a good job, childcare, libraries, green spaces, public transport and high streets all define ‘place’ for the people who live, study and work there, and they are passionate about making them better. 

Investing in local places is in the national interest and one of the most powerful tools of the levelling up agenda. We call on the government to ensure that the Spending Review provides both long term certainty and greater levels of funding for local councils

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