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August 9, 2019
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Spending Review needs to deliver for public health

The Association of Directors of Public Health appreciates the clarity for spending and planning that the Government’s one-year ‘fast track’ Spending Round brings.

Responding to the announcement, ADPH President Dr Jeanelle de Gruchy said:

“With the launch of the Prevention Green Paper, the Government has signalled its commitment to prevention being better than cure. This one-year Spending Round, as well as the full Spending Review that follows, is the opportunity for the Government to walk the talk on prevention by investing in public health.

The public health grant needs at least £1 billion more a year to reverse decades of cuts to public health funding. The Spending Round must consider this, and 2020’s Spending Review needs to ensure a sustainable funding package for local public health.

Not doing so would mean a failure to tackle the root causes of ill health – such as poor housing, toxic air, inequalities in education and employment – which Directors of Public Health do, in our role as local public health leaders.

Only by investing in public health can the Government turn prevention rhetoric into reality, and genuinely enable people to live better, healthier lives.”

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