COVID-19: Support for Directors of Public Health and Public Health teams

This page details the support available to Directors of Public Health (DsPH) and local public health teams, who have been identified as critical in managing the local response to the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly with regards to testing, contact tracing and local outbreak management.

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Support with capacity

To alleviate some of the capacity pressures that DsPH and their teams may be experiencing during the response to the COVID-19 outbreak, ADPH has established an enhanced support offer to facilitate access to formal support via the ADPH Support Directory.

The ADPH Support Directory contains the details of experienced public health professionals (including ex-Directors of Public Health and current Public Health Consultants) with health protection expertise and the capacity to support local public health teams on a flexible basis depending on the nature of the requirements. This includes support with testing, contact tracing and outbreak management.

If you are a DPH or member of a local public health team and would like support with a particular piece of work, get in touch with the details of the assignment and we will help to match you with an individual with relevant background and expertise.

Peer support and examples of local outbreak plans

ADPH can also support with facilitating informal peer-to-peer support on a flexible basis from a fellow DPH.  

Some DsPH have additionally agreed to share the drafts of their local outbreak plans for light-touch peer challenges as well as to support DsPH who may benefit from seeing examples of what colleagues have developed. If you’d like to reach out to a fellow DPH or would like to see an example of a local outbreak plan, please get in touch.

Mentoring Scheme

With support from PHE, ADPH are continuing to run the Mentoring Scheme, which aims to offer DsPH who are relatively new in post and in interim/acting positions as well as Associate Members, support and guidance from colleagues who have had more experience in a substantive DPH role. There is great value in the support and guidance offered in these mentoring exchanges, particularly during these times. Click here if you’d like to find out more about the scheme and get in touch to participate either as Mentor or a Mentee.