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Preventing Drug and Alcohol-Related Deaths

With reducing drug and alcohol-related deaths being a central aim of the Drug Strategy, “From harm to hope”, the aim of the group, comprising over 50 members, is to bring together drug and alcohol commissioners, from across the country, to discuss evidence-based action to prevent drug and alcohol related deaths, share information/ learning/ good practice, and develop resources for the sector.

Since inception, the group has focussed on the following measures, hearing from and discussing with specialists in the field:

  • Naloxone provision
  • Drug and alcohol-related death surveillance systems and review processes

We’re planning to focus on further measures in future, including – the focus of each meeting is discussed and agreed with the group:

  • Non-fatal overdose pathway
  • Drug alert system
  • Drug checking and overdose prevention centres


The group has actively influenced Government. The Co-Chairs meet regularly with (and are directly advising) officials from the Office of Health Improvement and Disparities, on their preventing drug and alcohol-related deaths work programme. In addition, on 4 October 2022, they took part in a national roundtable (hosted by the current Chief Medical Officer, Prof. Sir Chris Whitty) on issues relating to the contribution of the health system.

Naloxone Provision Case Studies

The group has collated a series of case studies, from all over the UK, on innovative naloxone projects/ initiatives happening in a wide variety of settings – including drug and alcohol services, accommodation providers, the police, hospitals and outreach. The case studies have been published as a means of sharing learning and good practice.

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