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Jersey is not part of the UK. Jersey is a Crown Dependency and has full responsibility for health and public health on the Island.

The role of Director of Public Health/Medical Officer of Health is a broad role including for example, advising on public health law and national policy as well as traditional public health areas. The public health team was re-established in June 2021, with approximately 40 WTE. The team will expand further in 2023.

The public health directorate will soon move to the Cabinet Office in Government of Jersey. Current legislation for Public Health is La loi de la Santé Publique 1934 and will be revised in 2023/4.

Jersey has a wealth of assets that contribute to good health and wellbeing for many Islanders. Jersey’s countryside is outstandingly beautiful, it has an extremely active voluntary sector, crime is low, employment (which is good for health) is high, and it benefits from an ancient parish system which fosters community activity at a local level.

Although average health is generally good, there are significant opportunities for improvement and we know, from even the very limited information currently available, that these averages hide much poorer health.

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