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Tobacco Free Lancashire & South Cumbria Strategy

Over recent decades, much work has been done in Lancashire and South Cumbria to reduce the harm from smoking and tobacco in communities. However, tobacco continues to cause a significant level of harm to our population.

The single best action that an individual can take to improve their health is to stop smoking, it’s imperative that we provide our population with a comprehensive tobacco control strategy.

We’ve worked together as a multi-agency alliance on the cross cutting smoke free agenda across Lancashire and South Cumbria to develop a shared strategy to stamp out tobacco harm. The strategy provides clear direction for commissioners, strategic leads and policy makers around how we can make smoke free a reality.

The strategy has been approved by Health and Wellbeing Boards and the Integrated Care Board.

You can view the full strategy by clicking the link below;

The Directors of Public Health have also worked collaboratively with colleagues from across Lancashire and South Cumbria with the purpose of representing the agreed position of public health with regard to nicotine vaping. Our position has been informed by the evidence base around vaping and both local and national intelligence regarding vaping

You can view the full statement here;


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