The English Substance Use Commissioners’ Group

The English Substance Use Commissioners’ Group (ESUCG) is a peer network run by commissioners for commissioners. It aims to provide a strategic forum for those with commissioning responsibility for substance use services, for improved population and patient level outcomes relating to the use of alcohol and other drugs in England.

The ESUCG provides an important space for commissioners to meet, network and work together to improve the commissioning and delivery of integrated services and strategies locally. As well as this, the ESUCG supports a sector-led improvement (SLI) approach to commissioning by sharing information, challenges, ideas, models of good practice and supporting problem solving in order to protect and improve health of local communities, families and individuals, reduce health inequalities and improve the quality and cost effectiveness of commissioned services.

The ESUCG is supported by funding from the Local Government Association (LGA) and secretarial support from the Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH).

ESUCG Updates

The English Substance Use Commissioners’ Group responds to the Government’s 10-year drugs strategy

Dec 7 2021 11:38 am
The ESUCG welcomes the announcement of the new National Drug Strategy and the commitment to increase drug and alcohol service funding, although the allocation process remains unclear. ESUCG would welcome the opportunity to work with partners across the system to ensure we maximise this opportunity and maintain local direction in how funding is used. We want to ensure that the focus and work to deliver improved outcomes for our communities is through local commissioning structures focusing on local priorities and building upon local assets. We want to ensure that individuals, families and communities are supported and protected effectively and want to further develop joined up commissioning to address the complexity, particularly where comorbidities such as mental health and substance misuse exist.

ESUCG Membership and Governance

The Group is governed by an Executive Committee, made up of a maximum of 18 members representing each of the eight regions of England (North East, North West, West Midlands, East Midlands, East of England, South West, South East, London). The role of the Executive is to enable the ESUCG to deliver its objectives, terms of reference, workplan and deliverables. A Chair and two Vice Chairs are elected from within the Executive Committee. The term of office for the whole Committee is three years and there is no limit to the number of terms members may run for. Click here to view a list of the current Executive members.
Click here to view the ESUCG’s Terms of Reference (last updated: November 2021).

Membership is open to those with responsibility for commissioning substance misuse-related services in local government in England. Engagement with representatives from other groups without commissioning responsibility – for example, user and recovery groups, service providers, voluntary organisations, pharmaceutical and other companies – is actively pursued to ensure improved outcomes.

Membership is open and free to all commissioners of substance use services in local government in England. The benefits of membership include:

  • Invitations to quarterly national meetings with commissioners from around the country, to discuss the latest opportunities and challenges in the sector
  • Access to an online forum on Knowledge Hub for the safe sharing of resources and peer support between commissioners
  • Opportunity to feed in views to policy and strategy discussions at the national level

ESUCG Events

All members are invited to attend the quarterly Full Group Meeting. These are currently being held remotely in February, May, September and November.
The Executive Committee meets every two months.