Sector-Led Improvement

Sector-led Improvement (SLI) is the approach to improvement put in place by local authorities, the Association of Directors of Public Health and the Local Government Association following the abolition of the previous national performance framework. It aims to provide assurance to both internal and external stakeholders and the public, as well as demonstrate continuous improvement to Public Health Practice.

SLI is based on the underlying principles that councils:

  • are responsible for their own performance and improvement and for leading the delivery of improved outcomes for local people in the area;
  • are primarily accountable to local communities, and stronger accountability through increased transparency helps local people drive further improvement;
  • have a sense of collective responsibility for the performance of the sector as a whole (evidenced by sharing best practice, offering member and officer peers etc.).

The role of the Association of Directors of Public Health is to support the creation of the necessary conditions for Sector-led Improvement by bringing networks together, facilitating the sharing of learning and good practice and supporting the development and implementation of national SLI tools. ADPH also manages the national SLI Programmes and two Commissioners’ networks, the English HIV and Sexual Health Commissioners Group and English Substance Use Commissioners Group.    

National leadership is provided through the ADPH SLI Programme Board, which supports and oversees the development of the SLI activity carried out in the regional ADPH networks and the two Commissioners Groups by providing quality assurance, challenge and feedback. In doing so, it celebrates and disseminates successes and ensures that stakeholders understand the role and importance of SLI in local public health.  

Find further details about SLI leadership, including the ADPH SLI Board members and regional SLI Leads, on this page.

ADPH Annual SLI Reports

ADPH publishes an annual report to summarise the SLI activity that has taken place in local Public Health across England. This includes the SLI work undertaken by the English ADPH Networks and the national work carried out by ADPH in collaboration with partners. Click on the links below to access the reports from previous years.

Featured SLI Resources

Click here to view the ADPH Public Health Sector-Led Improvement Framework

A set of publications setting out guiding principles of what good quality looks like for population health programmes in local systems. Click here to find out more.

The Quality in Public Health toolkit was developed to map individual quality improvement resources to the overall Quality in Public Health document and facilitate local use.

Visit this page to view many more resources and to find out more about Sector-Led Improvement.

Ongoing National SLI Programmes

The Association of Directors of Public Health, the Local Government Association, Public Health England and the Department of Health and Social Care have been working together to explore the development of a public mental health support offer, starting with suicide prevention in 2019/20.

Click here to find out more.

The Association of Directors of Public Health and the Local Government Association have been working collaboratively to develop an improvement programme to support the national NHSE Vaccination Deployment Programme.

To find out more, click here.