Public Health Policy

Our public health policy work is both evidence based and member led.

We carry out policy work to achieve the following objectives:

  • To provide advice for improvements in policy and practice
  • To make sure the voice of the Director of Public Health is being heard by policymakers
  • To champion public health and advocate for its value
  • To support Directors of Public Health in their local work

Our reactive policy work is carried out through our network of ten Policy Advisory Groups (listed below). Policy Advisory Groups consist of members interested in a particular topic who advise us on policy issues, inform our policy lines, shape our consultation responses and share best practice. Our most recent work can be found under ADPH Updates. If you can’t find what you’re looking for please use our search function (above) or contact the policy team.

Links to work by specific topic area are below:

In addition, we have three priorities for proactive policy development:

We have recently published a suite of policy position statements covering public health topics and good health across the life-course, and a narrative document focused on the public health system. These documents are published here.

We often work in collaboration with other organisations to carry out policy work. A full list of our partners can be found here. We are also part of the following coalition groups to which we contribute regularly:

More detail on our work around public health system issues is available here.