1856 – Metropolitan Association of Medical Officers of Health formed.

1891 – Metropolitan Association of Medical Officers of Health had become the Incorporated Society of Medical Officers of Health (ISMOH). They went on to form the Royal Institute of Public Health (now RSPH). This had a subgroup, the County Medical Officers Group (CMOG).

1902 – The Association of County Medical Officers of Health of England and Wales (ACMOH) broke from the ISMOH.

1974 – (post shift from LA to NHS) The ACMOH became Association of Area Medical Officers – working closely with CMOG.

1975 – The Association of District Community Physicians was formed.

1982 – The Association of District Medical Officers (ADMO) was formed from the merger of the Association of Area Medical Officers (and CMOG) and the Association of District Community Physicians.

1989 – The ADMO became the Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH).

1992 – The logo was drawn up and another bar was added to the medal.

  • They had a closer relationship with BAMM than the Faculty but it was recognised that working with the Faculty would be beneficial.
  • Fees started at £5 pa rising to £10 pa – with a rise to £50 in the late 90s in order to provide more support – but this resulted in fewer members and reduced funding.

2000 – It was suggested that ADPH could be housed within the Faculty as it was recognised that they needed admin support. An agreement was drawn up which kept the autonomy of the ADPH but gained administrative support free of charge in exchange for DPH support to the Faculty. This arrangement was gradually eroded as capacity at the Faculty became an issue.

2004 – ALPHA (Access to Learning for Public Health) took over the running of the conferences.

2007 – ADPH secured dedicated staffing and a formal letter was received from the FPH closing the previous arrangement. The office was hosted by Cambridgeshire PCT (NHS).

2013 – with the move in England for DsPH from the NHS to Local Authorities the office was hosted by UKHF. ADPH became a company limited by guarantee.

2015 – ADPH became a charity.

Current President

Jim McManus November 2021 –

Past Presidents

Jeanelle de Gruchy January 2018 – November 2021

Andrew Furber – June 2015 – January 2018    

Janet Atherton – May 2012 – June 2015

Dr Janet Atherton







Frank Atherton – November 2008 – May 2012

Dr Frank Atherton

Tim Crayford – April 2006 – October 2008


Tony Jewell – June 2001 – April 2006

Dr Tony Jewell

Peter Donnelly – July 1999 – June 2001

Dr Peter Donnelly

Rosemary Geller – December 1997 – July 1999

Dr Rosemary Geller

Brian McCloskey – October 1994 – December 1997

Dr Brian McCloskey

John Rodgers – April 1994 – October 1994


Nick Armand-Smith – September 1992 – April 1994

Dr Nick Armand-Smith

Jean Richards – 1989 – September 1992

Jean Richards