ADPH Interim President

Jim McManus, DPH Hertfordshire

Principal responsibility: To Chair the ADPH Board of Directors; to lead the Association through the Board, Council and staff; to maintain a high profile and lead on advocacy.

Accountability: to the members through the Board and Council.


  • chair the Board and ensure its effectiveness and adherence to the Objects;
  • work with the Board, Council and staff to create a vision for the Association and its work;
  • maintain high profile advocacy for priority public health issues on behalf of the Association;
  • line manage the Chief Executive including appraisal and performance management and oversee their development;
  • chair the Board HR sub-committee ensuring adherence to best HR practice;
  • liaise with the Chief Executive to ensure the Association adheres to its Objects and to Public Health principles at all times.

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ADPH Treasurer

Eugene Milne

Eugene Milne,     DPH Newcastle

Principal responsibility: To have oversight of the budget and provide governance for the Chief Executive on financial matters.

Accountability: to the members through the President, Board and Council.


  • lead the Board in understanding financial issues and taking strategic financial decisions on funding and reserves;
  • ensure regular and appropriate exceptional reporting on financial matters to the Board;
  • maintain an overview of the Association’s financial affairs and ensure financial viability;
  • liaise with the Chief Executive to ensure financial probity and governance;
  • be a member of the Board HR sub-committee;
  • support the Chief Executive in making major financial commitments and securing both long and short term funding.

Membership Secretary

Rupert Suckling, DPH Doncaster

Principal responsibility: To ensure that members receive the services that they have been promised and that they obtain value for money.

Accountability: to the members through the President, Board and Council.


  • liaise with the Chief Executive to ensure appropriate membership records are held and that data protection and confidentiality is assured;
  • maintain an overview of members and assure that there is fairness and equity in the Association’s dealings with members;
  • have oversight to ensure regular, relevant and useful communications are received by all members both for disseminating information and collecting feedback and opinions;
  • support the Chief Executive in meeting the members’ expectations and needs where practicable and desirable.

ADPH Honorary Secretary (Constitutional Governance)

Greg Fell, DPH Sheffield

Principal responsibility: To assure that an appropriate constitutional framework is in place for the Association and that it is adhered to.

Accountability: to the members through the President and Council.


  • liaise with Chief Executive to ensure adherence to statutory regulation and Company and Charity law
  • liaise with the Chief Executive to ensure appropriate governance systems are in place;
  • maintain an overview of governance arrangements to ensure consistency and practicability;
  • have oversight to ensure adherence to the governance systems by Board, staff and Council;
  • be a member of the Board HR sub-committee;
  • support the Chief Executive and President in dealing with governance issues that cannot easily be addressed by the governance framework.

ADPH Honorary Secretary (Infrastructure)

Ruth Tennant, DPH Solihull

Principal responsibility: To assure that appropriate arrangements are in place to support management of the organisation including HR policies, hosting and risk management, and that they are adhered to.

Accountability: to the members through the President and Council


  • liaise with the Chief Executive to ensure an appropriate risk assurance framework is in place and current;
  • liaise with the President, Chief Executive and hosting organisation to ensure hosting is appropriate, sensitive and fit for purpose;
  • be a member of the HR sub-committee;
  • work with the hosting organisation over HR and employment issues particularly with reference to grievance and disciplinary matters;
  • support the Chief Executive and President in dealing with management issues that cannot appropriately be addressed by staff.

ADPH Council members

Principal responsibilities: As a member of the ADPH Council, to support ADPH activity in relation to policy, networks and DPH development; to ensure constituency views are represented; and to foster good two-way communication between ADPH UK and local constituencies / ADPH Networks.

Accountability: to the members through the President and other members of the Council.


  • actively participate in ADPH Council meetings and undertake specific policy work;
  • seek engagement, input and feedback for ADPH policy and activities from their constituency and/or ADPH Network;
  • provide system leadership for the improvement of public health practice within their constituency in accordance with national guidance and support;
  • provide updates and reports to the ADPH Sector-led Improvement Programme Board on behalf of their Network / constituency as required;
  • attend ADPH Council workshops and the AGM to support the development of ADPH work;
  • represent ADPH nationally where appropriate;
  • ensure good two-way communication between the ADPH and their constituency / ADPH Network, in accordance with the principle that meetings of the ADPH (UK) Council will receive regular updates on network activity / local issues from Constituency Representatives; and similarly Constituency Representatives should provide regular updates on ADPH (UK) activity to their networks.

Current Representatives

  • East of England – Louise Smith, Vicky Head
  • East Midlands – Lucy Wightman, Derek Ward
  • London – Tamara Djuretic, Somen Banerjee, Steve Whiteman
  • North East – Amanda Healy, Alice Wiseman
  • North West (Cheshire and Merseyside) – Matt Ashton
  • North West (Cumbria and Lancashire) – Dominic Harrison
  • North West (Greater Manchester) – Katrina Stephens
  • South East – Helen Atkinson, Alison Challenger
  • South West – Sarah Scott, Ruth Harrell
  • West Midlands – Karen Wright, Justin Varney
  • Yorkshire & the Humber – Julia Weldon, Vacant
  • Wales – Stuart Bourne
  • Northern Ireland – Stephen Bergin
  • Scotland – Susan Webb, Gabe Docherty
  • Associate Membership – Claire Beynon, Mary Orhewere