Toolkit for Implementing Quality in Public Health: A Shared Responsibility

March 25, 2020 in ADPH Updates, PH System, Sector Led Improvement by Teresa Grandi

Translating the principles from Quality in Public Health: A Shared Responsibility into practical programmes of quality improvement may not appear straightforward especially given the large number of quality improvement tools that are available within public health and the different settings where they could potentially be used.  Because of this the Quality in Public Health toolkit was developed to map individual quality improvement resources to the overall Quality in Public Health document and facilitate local use.  This work is part of overall service development and should be seen in the context of other work and resources such as Public Health England’s approaches for reducing health inequalities.

The Quality in Public Health toolkit is a spreadsheet designed for use principally by public health teams within local government in England as an aid to the implementation of Quality in Public Health: A Shared Responsibility and as a part of sector led improvement.  It can be used to help assurance processes and in conjunction with local quality systems as part of service development and delivery. The Quality in Public Health toolkit brings together and maps a range of individual quality improvement documents and tools, identifying appropriate settings for use and linking them to sections of the overall document.  This will help teams identify what tools they can potentially use in different circumstances for practical implementation of Quality in Public Health and how they can access them.

Click on the links below to download the toolkit, a short guide for its use and a document setting out how quality work fits together. For any queries please contact

Quality in Public Health – How it all fits together in Local Government


Toolkit Guide

Sector-Led Improvement: the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of success

December 16, 2019 in PH System, Sector Led Improvement by Teresa Grandi

Click below to view a presentation by Prof. Jim McManus (DPH Hertfordshire and ADPH Vice-President) and Sara Blackmore (DPH South Gloucestershire and ADPH SLI Network Lead) on the principles of Sector-Led Improvement in Public Health with examples from SLI activity in the South West.

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LGA/ADPH suicide prevention SLI programme

October 9, 2019 in ADPH Updates, Mental Health, Publications, Sector Led Improvement by admin

The LGA and ADPH are pleased bring to your attention the suicide prevention sector led improvement programme prospectus. The following support is available 2019/20:

  • National: a series of tools, products and events designed to provide wider and easier access to the good practice, learning and existing resources. This includes a series of webinars and a masterclass in Spring 2020.
  • Regional: grant funding allocated to ADPH networks to build on and support regional suicide prevention SLI activity
  • Local: bespoke expert support for up to twelve local authorities and partners who self-identify as facing significant delivery challenges locally around suicide prevention.

This prospectus provides more detail on each of the elements.

Expressions of interest in bespoke support are now open, closing 5PM 1st November 2019. The two-page-long submissions should cover the following two areas:

  1. Describe the suicide prevention delivery challenge to be explored by the bespoke support
  2. Provide evidence of local need

If the number of expressions of interest exceed the current level of support, priority will be given to areas whose significant local challenges would not be successfully addressed by other elements of the programme, in conjunction with the two elements set out above. Further details of each aspect can be found in the attached prospectus and on the website:

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Public Health Risk Awareness Self-Assessment Tool

July 4, 2019 in ADPH Updates, Sector Led Improvement by admin

In collaboration with the East Midlands network LGA and ADPH have developed and co-published a Risk Awareness Self-Assessment Tool to support Sector-Led Improvement activities. You can now view and download the tool below.

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What Good Looks Like

June 28, 2019 in ADPH Updates, Children, Young People and Familes, Obesity, nutrition and physical activity, Publications, Sector Led Improvement, Tobacco by admin

The Association of Directors of Public Health (ADPH) and Public Health England (PHE) have co-produced a series of ‘What Good Looks Like’ (WGLL) publications that set out the guiding principles of ‘what good quality looks like’ for population health programmes in local systems.

The WGLL publications are based on the evidence of ‘what works and how it works’ including effectiveness, efficiency, equity, examples of best practices, opinions and viewpoints and, where available a return on investment.

Each publication sets out the guiding principles of what good quality looks like for population health programmes in local systems and aims to be a practical resource for leaders and practitioners in the public health system in England.

The publications are not perfect standards, nor are they intended to be compared against as a performance management tool. They are intended as a tool in assist in the sector-led improvement (SLI) process and to support local resource decisions. Some ADPH networks are developing
specific SLI tools from them and we would encourage others to take up that opportunity.

The WGLL publications will be a repository for evidence and a resource for good quality practice from the essential to the transformational which professionals can dip in to when reviewing their own practice, setting up peer challenge or transforming services.

The initial series will include ten publications covering a range of topics across public health. They will be iterative, with regular reviews and updates when new evidence and insights emerge. The intention is to add to the ten WGLL publications with additional topics to create a rich and good quality resource.

Comments on the publications and particularly any ways in which they could be developed or improved are welcome. Please share them with us, or through the PHE Knowledge Hub.

What Good Looks Like publications

Click to download a PDF of the publication. New publications will be added as they are released.

Visit K-Hub to see publication updates, case studies and view and submit comments.

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Sector-led improvement in public health: Progress and potential

October 26, 2018 in ADPH Updates, Publications, Sector Led Improvement by admin

Embedding SLI in public health has become a real collaboration between partners. The LGA, ADPH and PHE are working together to support its development at regional, national and local levels. You can view the most recent joint publication here.

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SLI Leadership

March 22, 2018 in Sector Led Improvement by admin

SLI Programme Board:

    • Nicola Close, CEO, Association of Directors of Public Health
    • Jeanelle De Gruchy, DPH, Tameside Metropolitan Borough Council and ADPH President
    • Jim McManus, DPH, Hertfordshire County Council and ADPH Vice President
    • Paul Ogden, Senior Advisor, Local Government Association
    • Melanie Sirotkin, Centre Director, North West, Public Health England
    • Rupert Suckling, DPH, Doncaster Metropolitan Borough Council and ADPH Membership Secretary
    • Caroline Tapster, Director, Health and Wellbeing System Improvement Programme, Local Government Association

Regional SLI Leads in England:

  • East Midlands – Mike Sandys, DPH, Leicestershire County Council
  • East of England – Jim McManus, DPH, Hertfordshire County Council
  • London – Steve Whiteman, DPH, Royal Borough of Greenwich
  • North East – Amanda Healy, DPH, Durham County Council
  • North West (Cheshire and Merseyside) – Helen Cartwright, Head of Commissioning and Mobilisation, Champs Public Health Collaborative
  • North West (Cumbria and Lancashire) – Sakthi Karunanithi, Director of Public Health and Wellbeing, Lancashire County Council
  • North West (Greater Manchester) – Andrea Fallon, DPH, Rochdale Metropolitan Borough Council
  • South East – Andrew Scott-Clark, Kent County Council
  • South West – Sara Blackmore, DPH, South Gloucestershire Council
  • West Midlands – Liz Gaulton, Acting DPH, Coventry City Council
  • Yorkshire and Humber – Corinne Harvey, Public Health Consultant, PHE

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ADPH Sector-Led Improvement self-audit tool

March 22, 2018 in ADPH Updates, Publications, Sector Led Improvement by admin

ADPH is pleased to launch an SLI self-audit tool.

The tool is meant for the regional SLI leads, Network Chairs and Network Coordinators to help them assess their local SLI programme. The purpose of this self-audit tool is to help the SLI leads recognize network’s strengths and identify the areas of practice where there may be an opportunity to develop in the next phase. The tool can be used as part of a reflective conversation at one of the network meetings.

Local SLI programmes should provide confidence to both internal and external stakeholders and to the public as well as demonstrate continuous improvement to PH practice. In this way it will improve health outcomes and avoid top down inspection regimes. It should therefore provide demonstrable evaluation, challenge and measurement of improvement not merely increased learning and knowledge.


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PH Sector Led Improvement framework

April 29, 2016 in ADPH Updates, Sector Led Improvement by admin

Please find below an SLI framework developed by ADPH.

PH SLI Framework

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ADPH Response to the LGA Consultation- ‘Where next with sector-led improvement’

March 13, 2015 in ADPH Updates, Sector Led Improvement by admin

Below is our full response to the LGA consultation on sector-led improvement.

ADPH response to Taking stock – SLI March 2015 (final)