Adverse Childhood Experiences

The purpose of this project is to explore how trauma-informed approaches have been put into practice within the UK across four different sectors: education, health, housing and policing.

A total of 72 senior practitioners with experience of implementing trauma-informed practice have contributed to our briefings across all four sectors (see Appendix B for a full list). Through these conversations, we have gathered a range of insights into what good trauma-informed approaches and results look like. In Appendix A, we cover the benefits of a multi-agency approach and cite case studies of where this has been achieved successfully.

Feedback from interviewees and the outcomes we have seen across all four sectors indicate that trauma-informed approaches could have a profound impact on society when applied as part of a whole-system effort to tackle Adverse Childhood Experiences by engaging services across the life course. We hope this series inspires further interest in this area and that more services witness the levels of success our interviewees have achieved.

Guidance for the health Sector

Guidance for the Policing Sector

Guidance for the education Sector

Guidance for the housing Sector