Systems Thinking Workshop

February 3, 2021 in Events, Masterclasses and workshops by Hrafnkatla Arnarsdottir

19 & 26 April 2021 (14:00-15:30)

Platform: Zoom

ADPH ran a two-part workshop on systems thinking in April, geared towards helping Directors of Public Health strengthen their roles as system leaders and imagine new ways of approaching complex and chaotic problems.

The highly interactive, dynamic workshop was led by subject matter expert, Professor Diane Finegood (Simon Fraser University Centre for Dialogue). Day 1 (Monday 19 April 14:00-15:30) focused on unpacking the complexity of the COVID-19 pandemic. On Day 2 (Monday 26 April 14:00-15:30), attendees reviewed and discussed frameworks to encourage thinking outside of the complicated box.

Participants heard about the theoretical context to systems thinking, explored systems thinking frameworks and held breakout discussions on how to approach the ‘wicked problems’ they faced as system leaders, such as inequalities, climate change and COVID-19.