Guiding Principles for Effective Management of COVID-19 at a Local Level

June 12, 2020 in ADPH Updates, Covid-19, Health Protection by admin

This document is intended to outline principles for the design of COVID-19 Local Outbreak Plans led by the Director of Public Health at Upper Tier Local Authority level, working with all key professions and sectors, with outline responsibilities for each defined. 

The COVID-19 Local Outbreak Plans are intended to: build on existing plans to manage outbreaks in specific settings, ensure the challenges of COVID-19 are understood, consider the impact on local communities and ensure the wider system capacity supports Directors of Public Health. 

Local authorities and partners will utilise local governance and partnership arrangements to ensure Local Outbreak Plans are developed and delivered to meet local needs. 

This document was produced by a working group of the following agencies: Association of Directors of Public Health, Faculty of Public Health, Local Government Association, Public Health England, Society of Local Authority Chief Executives, UK Chief Environmental Health Officers group

Read the document here.